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ARS offers a wide variety of products for cleaning, sanitization, sterilization and humidification for the food and beverage industries with significant expertise in winery cleaning, winery sanitization, barrel room humidification, and stemware cleaning and sanitization. Through its hands-on experience and partnership with customers and suppliers, in may cases, ARS has developed custom, proprietary models to meet very specific needs.

ARS proudly offers the following products:

• SWASH standard steam generators 10 to 40K, 1 or 3-phase power
• SWASH deluxe steam generator
• SWASH custom pressure washers, cold electric or hot diesel
• SWASH pipeline product recovery and cleaning system (pigging)
• SWASH rotating wand barrel washers (manual)
• SWASH Bordeaux style barrel steam wand
• SWASH general purpose steam cleaning gun
• SWASH FDA/NSF approved hose/sanitary fitting packages
• SWASH automatic steam controller for unattended operation
• Bitard Bordeaux style barrel rinsers
• Hydro-Tek Industrial pressure washers, cold, hot, wet steam
• Moog 360-degrees spray, powered barrel washers
• SWASH stemware washer
• SWASH BarMaid commercial glass dryer and polisher
• Miele commercial stemware washers
• Miele commercial laundry washer/dryers for table linens
• Miele commercial laundry irons for table linens
• Fogmaster barrel room humidification equipment
• ClearWater Tech wall mount ozone system
• QuickWater Industrial demand water heating systems
• Biomist™ power sanitizing system

Bottling Lines:
Working with suppliers of major brands of bottling lines, ARS has developed products and accessories for hot water sanitizing,
ozone sanitizing and steam sterilizing bottling lines. The SWASH Steam Controller permits overnight unattended operation.

Cleaning and sanitizing tanks with steam radically reduces water use and waste water processing or costs. With the higher heat from steam, many customer have been able to reduce dramatically or eliminate the use of chemicals.

Oak Barrels / Casks:
ARS has perfected a technique for cleaning and sanitizing oak barrels and casks using steam. Customers have shown that tartrates and brettanomycescan be radically reduced or eliminated and that old wine can be extracted from the oak actually reducing the weight of the barrel. ARS also offers high pressure barrel washing appliances for cleaning barrels with water from a pressure washer. For very small wineries with dozens of barrels, the SWASH rotating wand barrel washer is a highly affordable manual device. For larger facilities, the Moog High Pressure barrel washing appliances provide semi-automatic, electric or hydraulic driven 360-degree spray nozzles with venturi suction to remove waste water in bung hole up washing. The Moog FRI-K offers 360-degree spray in an inverted position on a frame system that saves backaches in manipulating the barrels.

Facility, Equipment and Drains:
The SWASH portable pressure washers, built by Hydro-Tek, provide indoor or outdoor, cold or hot high pressure water for effective debris removal and cleaning. The SWASH portable steam generator and steam gun are ideal for sanitizing the facility, equipment and especially floor drains.

Biomist™ power sanitizing systems are highly useful with equipment in food processing facilities. They sanitize exposed surfaces with high concnetration alcohol, atomized with carbon dioxide to eliminate the risk of flammability. This system can be used on virtually any surface including around live electrical connection. The spray evaporates within minutes but after a sufficient residence time to achieve a "kill" against common viruses and negative forms of bacteria including e. coli, salmonella, and MRSA.

Commercial Dishwashers:
ARS and Miele have teamed up to offer a custom outfitted NSF approved dishwasher for wine glasses and stemware. It is a large capacity, sanitizes and can leave glasses lipstick-free and dry. Standard dishwasher racks are also available for small restaurant, B&B kitchens, or event center use with short cycles.

Commercial Laundry:
For B&B's, smaller inns or event centers, the Miele Little Giant washers and dryers are a high reliable alternative to cleaning and sanitizing table linens. The small rotary iron is compact and allows for rapid pressing of table linens.

Wine Barrel Room Humidification:
It is widely known that low humidity in the barrel room causes excessive evaporative losses. The Fogmaster Sentinel barrel room humidification system is an affordable and very low-maintenance device for maintaining relative humidity at 80% or more under ideal conditions without dripping or wetting.


Swash Standard Generator Swash Deluxe Steam Generator
SWASH Standard Steam Generator
SWASH Deluxe Steam Generator
Swash Miele Commercial Stemware Washer
SWASH Stemware Dishwasher
Miele Commercial Stemware Washer
pig retriever pig
SWASH Pig Retriever, 2"
Available in 1.5, 2,3, 4" sizes
2" Sanitary Pig (not to scale)
Moog barrel washer swash Bordeaux barrel washer
Moog Barrel Washer
SWASH Bordeaux Steam Wand
rotating wand barrel washer fog master
SWASH Rotating Wand Barrel Washer
Fogmaster Humidification Nozzle
bitard baarrel rinser steam controller
Bitard 200 Barrel Rinser
SWASH Steam Controller
Swash Custom Diesel Pressure Washer sip assembly
SWASH Custom Diesel Pressure Washer by Hydro Tek
SWASH Piping SIP Assembly


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