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In the mid 1970s, shortly after ARS was founded, the company was asked by a customer to develop a steam sterilizer to meet the then "proposed" new cGMP's. Out of that humble beginning, we believe that we assembled the first steam sterilizer that was deliberately built to meet the new proposed requirements. Not having its own pressure vessel design, ARS developed the concept of taking a used sterilizer, stripping it of all its plumbing and controls, refurbishing the pressure vessel and assembling a new unit with new plumbing and new controls in ARS' own design. This custom remanufacturing service concept proved to be very effective and affordable and has become a standard custom service in the industry over the years.

In 1985, ARS acquired the rights to the Beverly Pacific pressure vessel designs. An ASME shop was identified who could build the Beverly Pacific pressure vessels to ARS requirements.

ARS also innovated sterilizer control systems in the mid-1980s with what is believed to have been the first PLC based sterilizer controller. In 1999, after a survey of the pharmaceutical industry, ARS made a significant investment in upgrading the control system adopting the very popular Allen-Bradley PLC platform. The upgraded system, which has evolved incrementally over the last ten years, is known as the Frontier 2000™ sterilizer control system.

316ss Beverly Pacific Vessel fronteir 2000 controller
316ss Beverly Pacific Vessel
Frontier 2000™ Controller

Today, ARS offers cGMP remanufactured sterilizers or Beverly Pacific sterilizers with Frontier 2000 controls in many flavors and sizes. All are custom assembled to individual requirements. All known cycle types are available including gravity, liquid, liquid air over-pressure (AOP), steam air mix (SAM), cascading water cycles, prevacuum cycles and all variations thereof.

SIP air in filter water in drain detect
SIP Air-in-Filter with RTD
Water Sensor in Drain/EN285 Air Detect Assembly



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